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Goodbye to all the gay bars. Are dating apps ing. - The Guardian A few years ago a friend who had a job in the NHS told me a story about her day at work. This was at the time when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were pumping large sums of money into the Health Service in the fond hope that it would make all those words about being the envy of the world come true. You wouldn’t say that Sue had been much of a stayer in any of her previous occupations. Naturally, when the local NHS Trust started to throw its cash around, it took Sue on. You may wonder why any organisation would hire someone who had never lasted the course in any task, or taken control of anything more demanding than an evening’s drinking, to train its managers. Very senior people in the Trust were keen to see their bureaucrats get properly trained, so they insisted all nominated staff go to the session, and take it seriously. Jul 14, 2015. As alternative gay bars close down to make way for trendy delis. what queer culture has sacrificed at the feet of profit-making dating apps.

Yes, dating apps can be bad for gay men – but not in. - The Guardian She took a job looking after children in a nursery, and dropped out of that, too. Sue’s training regime involved taking role-play sessions, in which selected staff would be asked to, well, play roles. She went down to one of the Trust’s smaller hospitals, where she was to spend a morning developing the role-play ss of various administrators and nursing worthies. Oct 24, 2014. What we know is that last month a gay man used a dating app to arrange for another to visit him in Bayswater, London, and that instead of sex.

Lankypants Guardian Soulmates To set an example, the chairman and the chief executive of the Trust decided to join in themselves. May 31, 2017. Gay dating · Lesbian dating · UK dating awards 2014 - Daters' favourite website; ODA approved member. Twitter · · theguardian.

Main section News The Guardian Todayspaper The Guardian At the hospital, Sue asked where she could run her session. It had all the beds, curtains, furniture and gadgets with tubes and electronic gizmos you expect to find on a properly-maintained general hospital ward. This was because of a shortage of nurses, which meant the ward remained closed, and free for staff training purposes. Experts suggest patients should stop taking the drugs when they feel better rather than completing their prescription

The Guyliner The definitive, yet disaster-laden, gay dating blog. Ah, yes, said the local managers, we do happen to have some space free. Sue joined her flock of trainees on the empty ward. And the story tells us something important about the Health Service: don’t believe the fures, believe the anecdotes. The definitive, yet disaster-laden, gay dating blog. The perils and pitfalls of internet dating as told by M, 39, 5'9", brown/blue, Yorkshire. Guardian Blind Dates.

Mail Online - Steve Doughty's blog - Daily Mail She announced that they were going to do a role-play game, and that half of those present would pretend to be chickens. There are a lot of numbers always being thrown around about the NHS. Was all for it, urged on by Friends of the Earth, Guardian columnists and so on. But when Mr Cameron says he supports gay marriage 'because I'm a.

Why Location Can Make or Break a Gay Date - Guardian Soulmates They would act like chickens while the other half looked on to encourage and judge them on how well they were doing. They prove the Health Service is the most efficient medical organisation in the world, and the least efficient. May 2, 2014. The Soulmates blog welcomes Toronto-based writer Andy Thompson to the team with a personal insht into why location is particularly.

Finding Prince Charming the 'first gay dating show. - The Guardian Soon after the exercise had begun, Sue began to reflect on the nature of the Health Service. They prove that people are getting more and better operations than ever before, and they prove that waiting lists are awful and aftercare worse. Jul 12, 2016. Lance Bass will host the show, which isn't exactly the first gay dating program – that would have been the notorious Boy Meets Boy back in.

Blogposts The Guardian She was at this point watching the chairman and chief executive of a multi-billion pound NHS Trust bouncing up and down on the beds of a seriously expensive but entirely unused new hospital ward, waving their elbows up and down and going cluck, cluck, cluck. I can, however, give you my view, which is that it would take the combined imaginations of Charles Dickens and J. They prove that all those managers are dedicated and effective, and they prove that they are incompetent and ruinously expensive. The couple fought off competition from Jamie and Camilla to be crowned king and queen of the Love Island villa. Then the show got recommissioned for another series.

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